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    Post RXT 2009 with engine stalls & tilting effects

    Hello Members,

    I would like to start off by saying that this is a great site with great info, but somehow even in this big forum of good Q&A's I can't find any answer to my recent issues found with my Seadoo.
    Model: 2009 RXT 215 with 30 hours to the clock. Has been properly winterized and 10 hour serviced @ my local Seadoo dealership.

    Issue A: Engine stalls @ lower rpms (30-40 Km/h ~ 21-25Mph)
    When towing wakeboards/tubes etc, the engine simply stalls when riding at the same speed for 30-40 seconds or so. It sort of enters this hick-up mode where you can feel the revs stalls whilst still trying to keep the engine running ending in a total stop. Only way to restart the engine again is to "remove" the lanyard and wait for a minute or two before starting the engine.
    I can still run the ski in idle mode (revs sits nice around the 1700-1800 rpms), and also putting the pedal (finger) to the metal let the ski ride for as long as I choose. Top speed still in the 68+mph range. Occasionally I've tried to have the engine stall in idle just after running at full speed for some time.

    Updated 06/17/2012
    • Brand new battery installed
    • A new TOPS sensor installed
    • New sparks been fitted for the new season.
    • A battery tester says the state is between "good & fair" after a night of charging.
    • Intake/grate and wear-ring do not show signs of debris damage.
    • Have been faced with 1502 Seadoo error codes(TOPS sensor) in a couple of occasions. Have already ordered a new TOPS sensor.

    Issue B: Tilting effect
    When riding the ski with more than one person it feels like the ski becomes rather unstable and do want to tilt left & right in the mid-range mph's. Only way to resolve this is to counter-steer or pick up/drop speed. It's been fitted with the WORX sponsons, but those were also fitted on my previous 3 seater Seadoo ski which did not have this stability issue.
    Maybe this relates to a wrong setting pattern of the sponsons??
    Updated 06/17/2012
    Will try install the original sponsons to check if the instability issues clears out

    Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS!! have the CanDoo Pro available in case of needed information/guidance etc.

    Thomas D.
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    Have you check the TOPS sensor? Its right on the fusebox. Maybe its just dislodged.

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    Yes. Tops sensor has been removed from the side of the MPEM/ECU and turned in all directions (in order to release what appears a little ball/connector inside the sensor) to be refitted again but still resulting in this 1502 error.

    Thomas D

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    As "summer" Seadoo riding time are closing in rapidly here in Scandinavia I'm still troubled by these issues with my Seadoo.

    @Anyone... Any ideas where to start troubleshoot the motor issue?

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