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    Detail: 1973 K5 Blazer

    My neighbor down the street has this pretty awesome '73 K5. Has a 468 motor, nice interior, nice paint, pretty much nice everything. He has seen my Camaro many times in my garage or around the neighborhood and wanted me to detail his K5 since he says my car is one of the cleanest he has seen in a long time. I told him I would do it if he helped me. He said sure, so I told him to bring it by at 9 this morning.

    - Washed with Gold Class Car Soap.
    - Clay barred the whole truck.
    - #21 with a 9006 pad. The truck had hardly any swirls at all and the paint was in great shape.
    - Hot wheels tire shine on the tires. That was fun to do.
    - Mother's metal polish on the rims.
    - Invisible Glass on the windows.
    - Natural Shine on the interior.
    - Trim Detailer on the black pieces on the outside and trim.
    - Probably other stuff I am forgetting.

    Here is the car in my driveway. The paint was a lot more rough than I thought it would be. No worries, I busted out the clay bars.

    After I washed the truck, I realized very quickly this truck had zero wax on it. The water would even sheet off. The water stuck to the truck. I have never seen that before.

    Here is me doing one pass of #21. I think in this photo, the rims were done. Truck was washed, clayed, and now waxed with #21 with a 9006 pad.

    While I was laying down the wax, the owner of the truck started working on the interior. Here it is after it was done.

    And it finally done. I think it came out pretty decent.

    Reflection shot. Looks a bit hazy because of the sun reflecting off the paint. Notice the ladder in the background? Had to use that to get the top of the hood and other areas. I'm 6'4" and I still had trouble reaching areas.

    Please note, the body is a 1973. There really isn't anything stock about this K5. The front end is from a later year along with other things. He used a 1973 body so he wouldn't have to smog it in California. Smog on vehicles started in 1974.

    I'll get under the hood pics next week. I forgot to get them today. Super clean though.

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    A REAL off road vehicle! How long did it take you do finish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ou812 View Post
    A REAL off road vehicle! How long did it take you do finish?
    Me and the owner did it in just under 4 hours. Thing has so much power, if you step on it, it hops down the street. haha.

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