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    Flushing problem

    New registrant to forum but been reading for months before purchasing my 2012 FX HO. You guys rock.

    Anyway, love this beast and want to flush it. Have it on a lake, and I know there's no real answer to the question of whether I need to flush on a freshwater lake and how often, but assuming I wanted to anyway, here's the problem.

    My house is over 150 feet away from my waverunner and that's where my water is. When the water is turned off, it takes a while for the hose to stop expelling water, but I can't know exactly how long until it stops because it's connected to the waverunner and the flow varies while it winds down. Can I just yank the hose off the back and then turn off the waverunner even though the manual talks about turning the water off, turning the waverunner off, then disconnecting the hose?

    Also, let's say there's a mishap. I have the hose connected and the person at the hose controls at the house gets the wrong signal and turns the water on before I turn on the waverunner, and I yank it out quickly, should I be worried. How much water in violation of the on, then water, water off, then off rule does there need to be before it's a problem? And how can I know if there's a problem?

    Sorry for such newbie questions and thanks in advance.

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    Welcome. I think the easiest solution would be to put a valve on the end of your hose because this would allow you to have the hose turned on at the house, but a valve to control when the water comes out at the end of the hose. I have the same thing on the hose I use.

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    If your riding in fresh water you don't need to flush it with fresh water.
    The main reason for flushing is to get salt water out.

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    +1 - Don't bother flushing freshwater with freshwater. The water coming out of your hose is probably coming from the lake you are riding on which is a reservoir except they add chemicals to it. Believe me we all understand how anal one gets with a new ski but relax. Wipe it off, dry it out the best you can and spray it with some anti-corrosion. You should be done within 10 minutes. Enjoy your new ski. Awesome!

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