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    Anyone know what the max voltage is a CL16-B battery will have at full charge?

    I'm trying to figure out if the battery in my 97 SPX800 is going bad and I couldn't figure out a good forum to post this in, and googling turned up nothing.

    My battery tender changed from red to flashing green then 5 minutes later goes green but the voltage is only 13.05. I thought I remembered it going up to 13.68 before the last trip to the lake. Anyone know? Does 13.05 mean I need a new battery? It doesn't start when the voltage goes below 13.00 or so, so it seems pretty useless as is at this point. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    You really need to be asking - why a 12 volt system requires 13 volts to start...

    13.05 volts is good for a fully charged 12 volt battery

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    Hm, well I have 2 skis and both batteries last year would charge to at least 13.5, even 13.6-13.7 IIRC. I'm only just monitoring what's happening more closely after issues last weekend and now the battery on one ski stops charging at 13.05 (the ski I had issues with) and the other ski is at 13.15 and still charging. I'll look into it further I suppose, just seems weird that the battery is charging almost a full volt less than it did prior to having issues.

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    If you charge a new battery fully and let it sit for 24 hours it will register 12.8 +/- .1 volts. 12.2 volts is typically 50% charged.

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    Hm, that is interesting to know.

    Well I'm going to hook the battery back up tomorrow and see how the starter works at the current charge level. Maybe now that I've recrimped the ground wire and cleaned everything off it will fare better, otherwise I will start by replacing the ground wire completely and if that doesn't work, I'll get a new battery.

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    need to check your amps thats what will get you up and going see how many you have lost over the year thats what will determine your battery from not making a start

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    I understand you are comparing to batteries on the same charger (I assume) But here is what you need to realize..

    A fully charged 12v battery will read 12.8 volts (as stated)

    When you first remove a battery off a charger and measure the voltage - you are measuring what is know as a surface charge..

    Do a quick load test to the battery and then measure the battery voltage again - this is the batteries actual charge..

    The two voltages you should be most concerned about is the - Cranking Voltage and Charging System Voltage - and you need to test those voltages while the battery is install in the actual unit..

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    Ok I replaced the ground wire completely and it made no noticeable difference in the ski starting. Just out of curiosity, I swapped the battery from my other ski (a 95 polaris sl650) where the starter is very strong sounding, and even with this battery on the SPX the starter seems to be 'fighting'. The ski did start a few times in a row pretty easily but instead of the fast chunkchunkchunkchunkchunk sound the starter normally makes it was just a kerchunk...1second...kerchunk...1second...kerchunk , etc. After a couple 'kerchunks' the ski would start up, but I have my suspicions that in the water it wouldn't actually fire up properly.

    So, anyone have any ideas what I should look at next? The starter just kind of sounds like the sound it makes when the battery is getting low on juice, but the battery isn't really low on juice.

    Edit: I forgot to mention when I bought the new 'ground cable' it looks like it's labeled as a 'battery starter cable'. It doesn't specifically say ground cable, but it's 4awg, but quite a bit more flexible than the old cable. I grabbed it because it was black (they had black and red cables but aside from the coloring they all looked the same). The flexibility of this cable is 'as flexible' as the red starter cable connecting to my battery - this isn't going to cause problems is it?

    Anyway, as an aside, last Sunday the starter was running fine until the ground cable fell off (the connector piece broke) and even after we jury rigged it back on by twist tying it back to the bolt with smaller gauge wire it actually worked fine and the starter was fine all day until suddenly it wouldn't start anymore. Now it's been like that since even after charging the battery so I'm super confused as to what's going on.

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    Starter has a high draw..

    Put a volt meter on the battery and see what your cranking voltage is...

    And then test that same battery and do a cranking test with the other ski..

    Do you have another starter to try??

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    Ah I just saw your other reply first. I'll try that tomorrow after work and see what happens. I don't have another starter but if I can somehow determine the starter is at fault I'll buy another one. Just not sure if the problem may lie somewhere between the starter and the battery?

    Edit: I just thought of something else. I'm using a trickle charger at 0.75amps to charge these batteries - is it possible if the battery is really low that the trickle charger is unable to fully charge it? Should I use a 2amp charger instead and leave it on the battery for 12 hours?

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