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    MSX 140 questions?

    Locally I found a 03 MSX 140 that I was thinking of picking up. The owner said one of the three cylinders isn't "working" and he just put a new fuel pump and injector in, without solving the issue. He told me he thinks it could be a computer issue. I haven't seen it yet or hear it run, but looking to get some input on it, or possible ideas on what could be issue? (I have a 95 SL which I know piston wash is common, not sure if the MSX's have similar issues)
    It has 102 hours on it, and looks pretty clean and well taken care of, and comes with a single trailer. He wants $1200, but I was hoping to get it for $1000, think its worth it?

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    did you do a compression that first before you offer any money

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    The MSX engine uses the Ficht fuel injection system. Very different from carbs, and also very different from the fuel injection systems used on cars.

    Read my signature links for more info. EMM computer failures are fairly common. If the original injector is still available you want to buy it with the engine. These injectors are individually matched to the cylinder and to the EMM.

    Diagnosing a Ficht engine requires an understanding of how it works and where the common failure points are. Click below to read more.

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