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    99 gp1200 performance kit

    I have a 1999 GP1200 with about 100hrs on it. I have searched around on the internet looking for a performance kit but I couldnt find one. I went to Riva and R&D's website but I didnt see one available for my model. I am sure there is one out there. I guess what I am asking is what is the best performace kit for about $1,000-1,500. I would prefer to buy something as a kit because I would rather not peice together a bunch of shit and mess something up. I am sorry for posting a question that probably gets asked all the time but I had no where else to turn. Any help, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated.


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    There aren't any kits that I know of. You'll have to piece something together. We can recommend parts for you. Are you looking for ride plate, intake grate, impeller, sponsons ideas or engine upgrades?

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    X2, if there ever was a kit, it is no longer listed on the websites. Group K lists prices for their engine mod packages. But you have to send in your head, carbs and engine and they do the work. They also have some parts like grate and plate listed for their "kits":

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    read the GP bible by PISTONWASH, should still be in stickys here in old school...there was 'kits' offered non O/E, but no posted above you could build the bottom of CUTLASS or AKJOSE posts here ,you will see what worked for them as listed in their descriptions of ski...alternatively , you could contact the above mentioned aftermarked manf/supplyers.. and they can assemble a kit of their own products for you..R&D, PROTEC, GROUPK, RIVA,...You will still need to fine tune it for best results!!! Welcome to old school!!

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    Pro-tec still has a kit, but I think a head with replaceable domes would be better.

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