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    06 seadoo gtx limited advice please!

    I bought a 06 seadoo for $4000. Had 28 hours on it! Pristine condition Took it to the river and put it in the water and had problems getting it to run due to a low battery. Once the charging system brought it up to the proper voltage the thing was a beast! Zipping around the river having a blast. Took the wife for a spin and got stuck on a sand bar and tried to power off it with her on it and once I realized I wasn't going to make it off there with out pushing it I killed the engine. Maybe 8 -10 seconds of trying to power off that sand bar. So we drag it to deeper water and when I try to accelerate it feels like it was slipping and making a "wah-wah-wah" noise until I got to 30-40mph then, the noise would stop and it would run fast and strong again until I slowed down again and then it would slip and make the noise until the speed came up again.
    So I put it in the shop and they replaced my wear ring and they wanted to replace my impellar because there was like an 8th of an inch gap between the wear ring and the impellar. They said my wear ring was shot and that there was wear on the outer edge of my impeller and he recommended I replace it. I just went with the wear ring and it still does the same thing but not as bad and is way quicker off the line but still makes the noise on take off but not as long. They told me it would run way better but would not be 100% They also said I did not damage my pump(luckily) or impeller but that there is a "tolerance" that has been exceeded and wont be as fast as it should be until I replace the impeller.
    I paid $50 for the wear ring and $275 for labor. He wanted $750 for both the impeller and wear ring but I thought maybe I could get by with out the impeller for now and can but only as long as it wont damage my ski. They say it wont. Advice and opinions please! And for the record this is my very 1st ski and Ive only ridden a jet ski once before I bought this one! I'm basically a kid with a new toy learning EVERYTHING as I go.Help!

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    They are correct all the way around. Sand is a killer on pumps, props and wear rings. You can run your ski as is, but it would have better performance for sure with a new prop. Or recondition yours by sending it to skat or impross. To install a new prop is very easy I would look into changing it yourself. The slipping your are exsperincing is called cavitation from the prop boiling/spinning in the water.
    Best way to discribe it is as tires on your car. bad tires spin on pavement easier and new tires grip and take off better.

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    Thanks buddy. Very helpful and reassuring. But how easy to change the impeller? I'm considering it and have ordered a shop manual. I work on my vehicles all the time and am mechanically inclined but have hardly been around let alone worked on one!

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