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    Another Oil Question

    I bought a 2000 Yamaha Waverunner GP R a month ago. On the second trip out (in the middle of nowhere) the oil warning came on. Turned off machine and buddy went to marina to get oil. He came back with a synthetic and I poured the whole gallon in. Previous owner said he used nothing but Yamalube 2W. Is this going to cause me a problem? This model has a catalytic converter. Weird thing is, I wasn't happy with the performance before this happened (seemed to boug down and topped out at about 40MPH) and after putting in the oil I got the ski up to 62MPH.
    Any input would be appreciated by the new guy.

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    Forgot to mention. This is a 1200

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    synthetic oil is very clean, You should not have an issue with the cat convertor. On a other note they last an average of 40 to 80 hours. I recommend you replace it with a D plate before it goes out and all the piece end up in the water box.

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    I would suggest to make it premix.
    Those oil pumps are known to quit or not pump enough oil.
    Sometimes an oil line pops off.
    Once it quits or line pops off u will not know till the motor is fried.
    I've had it happen on a gp 1300r.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Those oil pumps are known to quit or not pump enough oil.
    Sometimes an oil line pops off.
    the oil pumps are not known for goin bad. its the lines. over time the lines swell up and slip off. i'm a service tech for a yamaha dealership and i always recommend goin premix. if not premix then replace the lines every 2 years but not with the blue lines, they are crap.

    as far as synthetic oil goes just make sure it's for 2 stroke

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