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    Supercharger needle bearings installation and to isoflex or not

    Is there a smart way/method to put on the needle bearings befor slipping the gear over them on the supercharger?

    Just collecting as much info as I can before doing my first rebuild.

    The manual say that they lie in a wax strip with ahhesive back, remover adhesive and install bearings.

    Do most people use isoflex grease, or just engine oil on the needle bearings?

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    Engine oil will be fine. Be very careful when doing a rebuild. Especially when it comes to installing the bearings. You want to be sure to use enough heat as to not create excessive axial load on the bearings during install.

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    Will use heat on the housing when installing yes. I'll buy all the tools, and use the bearing pushers so I'm applying force in the right areas.

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    For the needle bearings use some grease to let them stick.
    Make sure they all stay on,sometimes they don't stick.
    Keep the old loose ones as reserve,if you loose one when installing you have a couple of spare ones.

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    wax strip is the best way or some thick grease on a piece of paper to hold them together, the last two or three usually have to go in by hand

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    Here is a good way to do it...With the SC in the holder clamped in my vice, I loosen the nut, then take the whole assembly out of the vice and lay it INLET DOWN on a clean towel...With the shaft pointing up, I remove everything, then clean the area with brake cleaner...

    Reassemble with wet parts (meaning drenched in clean engine oil) to get proper slip readings...Never slip it dry...

    I drop on the first clutch, then put a little bit of axle bearing grease (its red and sticky) around where the gear would go, then drop on the gear...THEN carefully place each bearing (all 40 of them) into their proper place...The grease will hold them in place so they don't fall/lay down...All 40 will be tightly packed, and the gear will spin perfectly...

    Once they are in, I wrap a paper towel around the area below the gear, holding the gear itself with my index and thumb wrapped around it....Using brake cleaner, I shower the bearings (slowly rocking the gear back/forth) until the grease is gone...I finish assembly (clutch, springs washers, thrust, nut)....Loosely placing the nut on so nothing comes off, BUT, there is still space between everything...

    I place the SC back into my vice, take an empty cup and put it under the gear assembly. Taking fresh oil I POUR it over the whole assembly, wetting it fully. Even moving the parts around to make sure they get oil...From there I tighten down the nut to 22 lbs., and check slip...

    Every time I remove the nut to adjust the spring washers to get slip right, I always pour new oil over the assembly...When its all good I back the nut off, wipe the threads clean, apply red loctite, and torque again...Check slip again, and DONE...

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    Thanks, I've ordered a small amount of isoflex, then I don't have to clean it off after installing, according to the manula anyway

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    Just re-built my charger, the way the needle bearing come now in the kit, installing them is very easy. You dont need the needle bearing pusher, just use the old washer for the cap nut to push them in to the gear(out of the outer plastic sleave).

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