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    93 SL650 Question

    So, It's about time to get this thing in the water but what I should have done over the winter I have of course put off until now. Last year I was out riding and noticed a bit of a weird noise while riding.. Shortly after that I started losing power pretty fast at wide open throttle, the motor wasn't screaming like it wanted to go faster but it was just slowing down, shortly after that it was really a pain to keep the thing running. After I got it out of the water I noticed that one of my plugs on the middle carb outlet came off when I did the triple outlet fuel pump upgrade and it was spraying fuel. I plugged it again but haven't had the chance to get it in the water yet to see if it is running right. So basically I am wondering if that would be enough to cause those symptoms or if I should be expecting to replace a cylinder or 3 . You guys have any ideas?

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    Pull the spark plugs and have a look see into the cylinders. You may have caused the CEN to go lean by losing fuel pressure and possibly burned a hole in the piston. If you are lucky, you simply lost the middle cylinder due to no fuel. If everything looks good, do a compression check and go from there......

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