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    Need for Speed 2006 F12X & R12

    Hi guys , need some ideas on my skis for a little more SPEED . My FX12 has a Macboost and uni filter for tubo and no air cleaner in the air box , stock IMP it was running 64 at 6250 , but it will not go past 61 at 6010 currently !! So I put some seafoam and 108 octane boost 93 octane gas no hesitation just sits at 6000 , after 85 hrs thought replace the plugs gap at 32 and try a 18 /30 Solas prop I have , thought about the wedge ,since I was going to have the Impeller replaced .

    Also heard of cutting the grate , but dont want to do anything without some guidiance . I have checked the t -connection to the turbo no leaks and secure and sprayed the Turbo splines and they move very freely .

    Was there a Honda service bullentin on the turbo wastegate spring ?..where the heck is it to check if its sticking? Anyone have a picture . Never going to be a rocket ship but it starts everytime and is a pretty ski and rides great , looking for some cheap speed ! It was a retirement gift after 15 yrs at Honda .

    Ok on the R12 04 Model added a Solas 9//18 and no Air filter in the Box and it runs 57 , will the wedge work on this ski ? Is that the limit for this ski for cheap speed or do a similar thing to the grate ie cut out 2 splines ? does it work ? It is the more fun ski to ride in mild water handles like its on rails .

    Look forward to your ideas and suggestions : Remember cheap on a Dudes retirement check ! saving my pennies to get to Maui !

    Ps :Thanks in advance , I was so impressed with the MacBoost that I sent the results to our Honda R&D Dept , so I am also a Convert and yes I paid for my Macboost ! On the speedo was 61 and gained 200 RPM and it showed 64 ( on the gauge )

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    Bump for options, looking at some of the same questions.

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    Put a boost gauge on it and see what it is doing. The stock boost is 12.8 and the Macboost can get you antoher PSI or two. You might consider another wastegate solenoid and a aftermarket intercooler [big difference when it is hot].

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