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    2006 Yamaha FX HO

    Hey guys,
    Just bought my first ski! It's a 2006 Yamaha FX HO with 103.7 hours. I got it for 3500 with the trailer. Its a little banged up cosmetically but ran great. It hit 58 MPH on the water and sounded good. I was so anxious to buy it that I might have overlooked a few things. The help would be greatly appreciated!
    1.There is about a 1.5 inch crack on the starboard side and is just above the rub rail at about the mirror position. Does this have to be fixed or would it not cause much of an issue? Seen on the second photo
    2.On the bottom of the ski, it looks like some of the paint and clear coat have been worn off and the fiberglass is exposed. I assume this was from beaching the ski. Does this pose a problem? Its smooth to touch and doesn't bother me as long as mechanically its fine and wont cause the ski to leak or crack easily. This is in the 3rd picture
    3. In the engine compartment, there is a black ventilation tube on the left side that is about 3 inches in diameter that came off of somewhere. The right side has the same black tube that is connected to something. I am inexperienced with skis and but I want to learn. Is this something I could try to fix or would it be dangerous if I fixed it incorrectly? This is in the 4th and 5th picture
    4. I know there is a bilge pump but how do I turn it on?
    5. Lastly, I need to give it a good waxing. Can I use turtle wax or other auto products for the ski?
    PS- I'm in the market for a seat! Mine is a bit torn up....

    Thanks in advance!
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    Some more pics! Sorry Im just excited.....
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    That ski has been "rode hard and put away wet". Don't know that I've seen a ski with that few hours look more abused. I'd say it would be pretty safe to bet the previous owner didn't worry too much about maintenance. Anyhow, not a bad price for an FX HO if it runs good.

    1. If you bought that ski, you are obviously not to worried about the cosmetics, so as long as it doesn't leak, I'd say you don't need to fix the crack.
    2. That strip of rubber on the bottom of the ski is an aftermarket Keelguard. It is supposed to be there to take the abuse of beaching the ski. Unfortunately, it looks like it was put on after considerable damage was alerady done. I'd be concerned about the area at the rear of the keel where it is worn through the paint into the SMC material beneath. If the SMC material is exposed, I'd recommend at least coating this area with some epoxy to seal it.
    3. The ventilation tube is an easy fix, just hard to get to. I think it is just held in place with a large zip tie.
    4. The bilge pump in this ski does not have a float valve or an on/off switch. It runs continuously when the engine runs, and then if it is working properly, you should hear it run for about 20-30 seconds after the engine is cut off. There is also a siphon type of pump, that works while the ski is running. As long as you are taking the ski out of the water after each ride, these systems should be enough.
    5. Since this ski is painted and not gelcoat over fiberglass, any type of wax or polish will work, and nothing you put on that ski will hurt that finish.

    I'd be concerned with the rust I see on some of the hose clamps. You might want to coat all the exposed metal parts in some Fluid Film, Corrosion X, or CRC 656. Probably a good idea to change the oil, since I doubt that has been done very regularly. Also a good idea to lube the cables, intermediate housing, all other moving parts, etc., since I doubt that has ever been done.

    Good luck!

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    Does the SMC material being exposed lead to anything in particular or just a hazard?

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    Damn, and I thought my ski was a beater....

    I would check the insides of the crack and worn hull areas to see if it came all the way through.

    Cosmetically, I would hit the paint with a buffer to clean it up a bit. I own a Porter Cable 7424 which did a good job on my SHO.

    I would also look into ordering new rub rails and end caps. They aren't very expensive and will make the ski look better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzaga33 View Post
    Does the SMC material being exposed lead to anything in particular or just a hazard?
    I've always been told the leaving fiberglass exposed will eventually weaken it and cause a leak as water penetrates the fibers of the glass cloth. I'd say the same is true of the SMC since it is a form of mold pressed fiberglass. It would be pretty easy to just mix up some epoxy and brush it over the areas that are exposed to seal it...........5 minute job.

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    Perfect project ski. One of my favorite color schemes.

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    To reattach that 3'' hose......remove the panel in the front storage should see where it goes......will be on the opposite side to the one that is still attached.
    As ernest remarked.......I would be changing all those hose clamps.....not good to let them get too rusty.

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    Not meaning to add to your "to do" list, but it looks like the bunks on that trailer need to be changed soon also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XLT Chad View Post
    Not meaning to add to your "to do" list, but it looks like the bunks on that trailer need to be changed soon also.
    +1 Chad, the carpeting is completely gone, nothing but bare wood against the hull!

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