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    Post 2007 RXT 215 Super Charger advice

    I have a 2007 RXT 215. The super charger failed at 87 hrs, and the bearing just failed again at 106 hrs. The dinks at Bombardier dont offer any assistance.

    Now that i need to rebuild the super charger again, what are my after market options? I dont want to do anything to make it much less unreliable. I have been stuck in the middle of the lake almost every year on this ski, but more power/better acceleration would be nice.

    Upgrade advice would be appreciated. Also, where in Canada (near Toronto) can i take it to get the work done? (the local Seadoo dealers only sell the factory crap!)

    I am so frustrated with Bombardier, I even called a Yamaha dealer today for a price on a FZR...... but i just seam stuck on the Seadoo styling


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