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    1998 yamaha XL 760 carb question

    Hello i am in the process of rebuilding my carbs on my 1998 yamaha xl760 2 stroke.
    My question is i think my fuel return is clogged on one of the carbs when i was cleaning it with carb cleaner nothing would pass true the fuel return nipple i know it has a restricter on it but shouldn't air still flow true with no problem.
    I really noticed the problem when i was testing the pop off pressure and that i didn't have to cap the fuel return and the carb would stay pressurized but on the other carb it i did have to cap the fuel return line for it to hold pressure.
    I took the carb apart and tried getting carb cleaner to flow true the fuel return but very very little if any will come out i even hooked the fuel return nipple to my vacuum gauge and it will hold a steady vacuum.
    is this normal for these carbs or is the problem with the other carb that it flows to freely and i am thinking the other carb is clogged for not flowing that freely.


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    did you fix your problem?

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