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    Polaris sl650 stability

    Just a quick question about stability for this ski. How stable is it on the water? Im 6'4 280lbs. How is it with a passenger. Thanks for the help

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    The SL 650 is rated for max 2 people max 400 lbs. They also have the smallest motor and therefor least horsepower in the Polaris line. The more weight and people you add, the more "squirly" it will get..... But that's just my opinion based on what I have read, as I have not ridden one myself. I can stand on one side of mt SLT hull without it tipping over (5'11 235lbs)......

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    They will hop a bunch with any heavy load. They will also be tippy at idle speed. Way better than a 95 XP seadoo but the SLT is what Im looking for myself.

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    Agreed. I have a '94 SLT and '96 SL. The longer 3 seater SLT is way more stable just floating in the water. You can fully stand on one side of the seat and it won't tip. And I can step up on the back out of knee deep water and it barely sinks as I get on. Now the smaller 2 seater SL is more tipsy just floating. And when I get on it stepping on from the rear it really sinks a bit... floods the footwells.


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    Actually it's quite stable. Not really a problem as far as reboarding in deep water as compared to some others (like Sea Doo XP's as previously mentioned)

    It is tippy when riding with 2 up at slower speeds. Once it gets on plane though, it's really quite stable.

    They do tend to porpoise with 2 up as mentioned above also, but a better ride plate and sponsons can help reduce it some. (not going to eliminate it)

    Everything else mentioned above is pretty much spot on.

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