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    Question 98 gsx ltd questions (need HELP)

    it is a 951 carb engine and was wondering if anyone could give me some info on what crank i should put in it
    i am doing a rebuild on the whole engine and was wondering if i should go with a hot rods crank over a oem seadoo crank or any other sugestions

    also was wondering what is the deal with the gray fuel lines if i need to replace them or change to anything else because for some reason the one of the first questions i get is does it have gray fuel lines

    oh yeah not sure hours on machine either

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    A Hot Rods crank should be fine. There have been some issues with shipping and quality, but I've used a couple of them without problems. OEM is probably the most reliable, but the cost is hard to justify on an older ski.

    Replace the gray fuel lines with marine or automotive fuel lines. They are 8mm and 6mm, I believe.

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    sbt crank is junk. stick with oem or hot rods.

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    what ever you do, do it right the first time or you will be throwing money away, replace the fuel lines, make sure the fuel selector valve is good or bypass it, rebuild the carbs to 99 specs along with the cooling, in though the head, out the exhaust, i cant tell you enough times to make sure the carbs are right !!!!!!! been there, done that three extra times !!!!!!!!!!!!

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