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    951 expert in michigan???

    Im sure someone will know this guy, I met him a few years ago when I bought a 99 XPL, he had done a few tweaks to it and everyone in the area knew him as the 951 authority, He rebuilt my buddies motor in a day, had all the parts on hand, If I remember correctly he is on the west side of the state. Anyhow I am headed to pick up a 99 XPL and a 2001 XPL today and just wanted to get his contact info because I know I'll need it soon

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    if you do not find him here, try -

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    It must be Jim. He is amazing on these 951's and very honest. PM sent

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    it's Jim your looking for !!!!!! he is the 951 guru !!!!!! an he's here on GH !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnxv6 View Post
    It must be Jim. He is amazing on these 951's and very honest. PM sent
    +1 that would be "jim"

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    thanks for the compliments guys-- I try

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    Jim is definately the man to go to. Great service, great pricing, and a great guy to do business with.

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