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    1996 zxi 1100 no spark any help

    I just got a 1996 zxi 1100 looked to be in awesome shape then it all began to unravel!!! I dont think the oil injection works rite blew oil out the exhaust all over when i did a dry start on land. not to conserned with that but would like to fix system if possible. if not block off plate and premix it is. I got it ready to go to the lake and did one more dry fire and it died, then wouldnt start. NO SPARK. did some readin dont sound good on cdi setup. I pulled cdi box out and opened it up all corrosion piles of white powder and plugs are a bit corroded. So should I buy whole new box assy or I found a used one. Is there remans out there. can i clean everything and im suspecting the igniter goes out on these and just replace that? I havent checked stator yet was needin to know what the procedure was been along time since i checked one I think i had to check resistance. lookin for best bang for the buck. its lookin expensive tho thanx for any input

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    could be many things but corrosion not good, black wire with yellow tracer is the kill circuit, chk ign and kill button, try and clean connections and if fires replace the complete box assy with a clean one.

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    If it fired up, then you know the ignition box is trying to work. I suspect you fouled the spark plugs with all the oil.

    Oil coming out the exhaust doesn't indicate any problems with the oil injection system. It's possible that the previous owner may have fogged the engine for storage, which would make it smoke heavily and foul the plugs.

    Remove the spark plugs, ground the spark plug wires on the grounding bracket, then crank the engine about 10 seconds with the starter. Clean the plugs in solvent and re-install. See if it starts. If not, try new spark plugs before you go out and start spending a bunch of money.

    Remember, you can only run about 15 seconds without water. When you hook up the flush hose, start the engine FIRST, THEN turn on the water (it doesn't have to be on full blast or anything). When you shut it off, turn the water off FIRST, THEN shut off the engine. NEVER ALLOW WATER TO RUN WHEN THE ENGINE ISN'T RUNNING, or you WILL have problems.

    I'd keep the oil injection and replace the hoses with polyurethane hose and secure them with stainless safety wire. Bleed the lines and pump before running the engine.

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