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    zxi 1100 no spark any help

    I just aquired a 1996 zxi 1100 from a friend its been in storage three yrs. dry fired it on land and it died. went to start and it would not start. no spark. pulled ign ition box tons of corrosion. plgs corroded. any suggestions. should i buy i whole used assy. I found one its a few bucks! and im still not sure its the ign. box but thats a good start its pretty bad. i havent checked a stator in years whats the procedure. I think I remember make sure it has resistance across the plug? and what about the on/off switch and lanyard switch, continuity test when switchs are in use? dont want to throw parts at it. The way the cdi box looks im bettin thats my problem and if its not it still needs attn. thanx for any help

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    First, clean all electrical connections. Got a service manual?

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