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    Keep your eyes open!

    I came across the "chunk" of cut down tree in the Upper Niagara at the North end. It is hard to tell in the video , but there is no way I could have got my arms around it, and it was almost 2 feet submerged. Imagine hitting the log, probably 100 + pounds at even 30?

    Keep your eyes open out there guys... I was up and down the river 3 times the day I took this and this was the only debris I saw. Never assume the water is clean.

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    That would have left a mark! Luckily u weren't texting!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	273255 I have hit a few thing in the water before. Just miss a rattle snake swimming across a lake. Had to go back and couldn't believe my eyes. But image this swimming buy. I thing I shit my shorts. I bet the people in India might run into one on a river arm maybe.

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    My dad was out on the jet ski last weekend in Lake Michigan. He said he was riding about 100 yards out and saw some ripples in the water so he went to check out what it was. It was a golden retriever. Apparently some kids off the beach the dog belonged to were on a raft or something and the dog went to swim out to them and the people on the beach couldn't get the dog to swim in. So my dad just called the dog and got it turned around and rode next to it till they got into the beach. The dog could have easily been hit by a boat or jet ski. We've also seen a deer swimming in Lake Michigan...that was quite interesting.

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    hey devildog how often do you ride the niagara river? i have an uncle that lives on the river and always wanted to take my ski but didnt want to ride it alone.

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    Always gotta be careful! Glad your ski is okay

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    Hitting that would have sux

    Was it a floating log or just a cut down tree?

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