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    TDC indicator???

    Anyone know where I can get a TDC dial indicator?
    I`ve looked all over the web and saw a few chinese one, but but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post

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    well this is what I did...
    I took a spark plug and removed the porcelain and modified it for a standard dial indicator... I don`t know the OD of the dial indicator stem yet, but the hole can be modified again... I could drill and tap for a set screw when I know the final hole size for the gauge...
    it`s not perfect, but should work...

    made another fitting after reading most stems are .375

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    Great Idea Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by OsideBill View Post
    Great Idea Andy
    Thank you William ... I`ll know more if they are going to work when the gauge gets here... this is the one I got...

    and I found another company that sells them:

    google search sucks... I found that site after the fact and spending hours searching the web...

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    Very cool. How do you thread it in and out of the plug hole?


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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeysevin View Post
    Very cool. How do you thread it in and out of the plug hole?

    not sure about your ?

    when I get the indicator I plan to either make it a specific use tool and permanently attach the gauge to the plug thread adapter or drill and tap for a set screw.
    I first need to make sure it will fit into the adapter and go from there...

    The spark plug shell is hollow and needed to be filled in to make it not sloppy and a way to affix the gauge... hope that answers your question correctly

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    I saw that one john. I need one with a gauge so I can rotate the engine back to a determined depth for the timing mark...

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