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    2002 GP1200R oil line come loose

    Bought this waverunner in 2006 with an extended warranty. Oil line on rear cylinder come off, Yamaha put a new motor in (2006). Took the waverunner out this past weekend and the same oil line come off. I did not do any research on this after it happened the first time and didn't realize this was a common issue. I am going to attempt to fix it myself this time since there is no warranty. I did a compression check, first two cylinders at 110 psi, back one at 50 psi. The waverunner only had 33 hours on it the first time this happened. Only has about 55 hours right now. Should I be able to get away with just changing the piston and/or rings on the bad cylinder to fix this? Also I have read about blocking the oil injection system off, but I would really like to leave it on the machine. The oil lines are secured with plastic zip ties and this is the problem IMO. I was thinking of replacing all 3 lines and using metal clamps so this won't happen again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this, as I have never worked on a waverunner before, only on a dirtbike motor.

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    Different engine, but the same thing just happened to me on my GP1200, so you can read what my results (and process on the rebuild) are here:

    I think you're in for basically the same thing..with only 50 PSI you did a lot of damage for sure - I was still making good compression on the cylinder I squeaked, but in the end decided to do the repair job right vs fast. I think you're going to find the damage much more extensive.

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