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    Waveblaster best bang for the buck mods?

    Hi I just bought a 95' waveblaster. Its 100% bone stock. What are some of the best bang for the buck parts/mods for it?

    Seams there is a ton of aftermarket for it and its all confusing on where to start lol

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    The very best bang for the buck is a pipe, like a Factory Mod pipe. You have to rejet the carb, but we did this on my sons totally stock WB, and gained almost 8 mph. We eventually did more, a big bore, ported engine with more compression, but the biggest gain was the pipe. The other stuff got us to 59 mph or so, but cost a WHOLE lot more, and was alot of work.

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    No replacement for displacement. Big bores are not the cheapest, but can provide a substantial increase in horsepower. Looks like you can bump it up to 753cc (+3mm) kit relatively easily.

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    Pipe is definitely best bang for the buck. Factory pipe is the best, but will set you back $700+. Get a limited if you go Factory pipe. Next would be a head, dont go over 185 lbs of compression unless you want to run race gas, ADA heads are relatively cheap. Intake grate and ride plate for handling, I like the worx 201 grate and worx ride plate. Jet dynamics makes a good intake grate and ride plate too. Impeller would be good too, hooker 11/17 for a limited set up.

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