Looking for the some small details to help get a little more out of my ski. I know im fighting the 160mm prop a bit when it comes to speed but it is worth it for the hookup!! What small details am i missing??

Vx ride plate will give speed, lose handling. But will it effect rpms?
Would a engine breather kit (or something home brew) make a difference? How much?
Bigger nozzle? currently at 84.5mm
Will a R3 net any top end gains over my first run R2??
My IC set up isnt perfect, but is it a detriment? Planning on eliminating a elbow or two and making one nice stainless pipe across and down. (two much silicon hose for my liking)

Ride almost exclusively in the ocean, but 2 weeks a year its all about top speed. Wanted to up the boost, but between a clutch, riva dampner, wheel, re-flash I would rather not. Ski just hit 100 hours, personally would build engine up before more boost, rather than the other way around. Maybe just rebuild and 9.5:1 this year. Fuel is a problem, nothing over 91 where i live, ever.