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    good place to order a 1200r motor from?!NEED FAST

    so i took my motor to island racing and my crank is no good along with my one cylinder and piston...i heard bad things about sbt is there any other places out there that sells 1200r motors? that are good and reputable?? let me know looking to order one first thing monday morning

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    Sbt ain't all that bad especially since they have a fault free warranty.a big reason people have problems with sbt motors is cause they never fix the true problem that originally caused the motor fail then when they blow the new one up they get all mad and bash them.the best way would be to have your crank rebuilt and have the cylinder repaired and have your motor rebuilt

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    Contact wfo or osidebill or porchemaniac

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvercrxsir View Post
    a big reason people have problems with sbt motors is cause they never fix the true problem that originally caused the motor fail then when they blow the new one up they get all mad and bash them
    I hope you are referring to carbs because I can't see how getting a rebuilt motor from SBT is the user error when is blows up they are supposed to be drop in motors. Most of the problems reported come from modded motors. SBT parts are just not as good as OEM that's all there is to it.

    As for the OP unless you are going to rebuild it yourself you should just have Carl rebuild it and get your crank rebuilt. Carl is very good at what he does and is extremely busy for a reason. He just did a complete rebuild for me from the crank up and I'm am very pleased. Just don't expect it to take a week or a month because it will be awhile.

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    well he was charging me 2 grand to replace the crank and the one piston and send out the cylinder to be re nicked..i would rather have a fresh complete motor for a little more bc if this happend to one cylinder it could very well happend to the other 2 that have 150 hours and 1 cylinder haveing 0..

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    ive seen a full rebuild kit from shortblocks are us with good forged pistons n rods for 1300 i would rather buy that and have carl put it togther and that would still be cheaper then just fixing the crank and one cylinder

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    Put in a sbt motor and ride the crap out of it.

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    There are several routes you can go. If you plan on keeping your ski stock then a sbt motor would work fine. Are they as good as all new oem parts-no- not in my opinion. I'm a sbt dealer and use them often, as a stock replacement. If you plan on modding it then go anouther route. I've never had a sbt related failure on one I installed. Like another poster said the biggest issue with rebuilt motors period is the installer not repairing the root cause of the failure to start with. If you plan on molding the ski in the future I would buy a new oem crank from or a hotrods crank. Some people have issues with hotrods but I haven't had any and use them a lot. I always measure any new crank for trueness and check bearings before installation. If you have one scored cylinder and the other 2 are in great condition have the scored one replated -hone the other 2(don't try yourself-nicasil must be diamond honed) and put new pistons in all 3 if you have 150 hrs on your motor.

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    I got my crank from Crankworks. And the rest of my parts came from I downloaded the manual and built it myself because it was way cheaper. Just make sure and do it right.

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    plan on just keeping motor stock rite now it has a k/n and intake grate. just going to get and impeller ride plate and water box... just want a good motor that really i dont have to wait for really would like to get one quick...anyone here of

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