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    '96 XP Problem, Please help me out!

    I need some help figuring out what is wrong with my 96 XP. 787 engine. I just bought this machine a couple of weeks ago and it ran fine on my first ride out on a nearby lake. No problems whatsoever. Just took it out again a few days ago and it will not accelerate and there is a really bad vibration coming from the back end of the jetski. It runs at idle speed but when you hit the throttle it maybe goes 5 -10 mph while the back vibrates like crazy. I'm wondering if something is wrong with the impeller, or if I sucked something through the intake grate. There is also a small water leak coming through the big curved pipe that runs out of the engine (exhause pipe) I believed.

    Me and my buddy who is more mechanically inclined have no idea what's going on. It ran perfect when I took it out the first time now seems to have all kinds of problems.


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    something in the impeller, have had it do the same thing to me....

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    How do I remove whatever is in the impeller? I'm kind of new to owning these....put a flashlight in there and looks like there may be something way back behind the impeller housing.

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    look from under the ski - through the intake grate, towards the pump nozzle..

    You can remove the intake grate in front of the pump on the underside of the boat..

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    your going to have to remove the whole pump. there are 4 17mm nuts in the far back. and you will have to take off the trim arm and steering arm 10mm. then you will have to wiggle and pull. when it starts to come off there will be shim washers behind the pump on the studs. be sure not to let them come off. the whole pump will then come off with the prop.

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