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    2006 3d di problem somebody help me please

    had the ski for the past 3 years and runs like a top. Last weekend I was riding and it started slowing down gradually and in about 15 minutes I couldnt go more than idle.. Got to the marina and my battery was dead. I knew it sounds like a voltage regulator and I went and got a regulator and a fresh battery. Just left the marina and the ski is only going about 60percent of power. Changed the plugs and still the same. When u start it up and nail it it runs strong for about 2 seconds and then goes back to 60 percent and I get a beep.. Is there a stator or a coil on that ski and if so is that where I should be heading now?? Dont want to take it to the dealer.

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    need to perform a stator test probably end of having to replace it and your rectifier one going bad weakens the other one

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    thanks will try that

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    replaced the voltage regulator and that was NOT the problem. Did a voltage test and got 11.8 when not running and 11.8 when it was running. I just threw away 140 bucks for the regulator. Should I spend another 140 for the stator? Is that my problem?? The battery is new..

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    Unfortunately stator is gonna cost a good bit more than just the 140 you paid for the rectifier. Especially if you can't install yourself. It's not just plug and play like the rect. The stator is inside your flywheel housing. Probably should have had it tested before dropping the cash on the rectifier. A rectifier is a regulator. It keeps the system from overcharging. The stator is the component that charges the system. A good 951 stator can put out as much as 75 Vac. The rectifier will take anything over approx 14.8 Vdc and return it to ground to keep from frying the system.

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