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    Gti or Gtr Where's All The GTR 215 Owners? Ocean Riders?

    Well im a standup guy but thinking of going back to a sitdown i have rode a mates gti 130 and all though not fast it accelerated quite nice.
    i'll be mainly taking it out in the ocean and jumping swell.
    what's the gtr 215 like i have searched but there doesn't seem to be much info on them yet, even youtube videos not many.
    my other main concern is fuel it's bloody dear over here, mate was pretty happy with the fuel consumption on the gti130, any one with a gtr want to comment?
    prob be more on off throttle riding while in the swell and cruising mid rpm not many wot runs?

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Lake Havasu, AZ
    Moved up from a GTIse 130 this year...
    I love my GTR.
    Rides well in light to med chop (1 - 2 feet)
    fuel lasts o.k. in 'eco' mode but limited to 6K rpm, and about 40 mph
    can burn a full fuel load in just over an hour @wot (but youve covered about 60 miles)
    my vids on the GTR are on YT @ SuperMDuPont

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