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    polaris sl 750 upgraded fuel pump

    hello just wondering what i should set my carbs to now that im upgrading my fuel pump to the triple output thankss

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    Same settings you used before. Should be whatever the manual specs, maybe a tad more to play it safe. Typically you do not need to adjust the settings unless you were over compensating before due to a failing pump.

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    in the manual it says 1/2 turn for low speed and then for high speed it says mag 1 turn center 1/2 and pto 3/4 shouldnt they all be the same now?

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    No. The carb settings are based various variables for each cylinder like airflow, exhaust flow, cylinder order and other engineering stuff I'm not smart about. I'm sure individual carb fueling is a variable, but you switching from the stock single outlet fuel pump to a better triple outlet fuel pump hasn't changed that variable. You've just ensured that a worn single outlet can not longer rob your carbs of the needed fueling they need with a better triple outlet fuel pump.

    All the carb settings will remain the same as stock for your engine.


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    oh alright thanks!

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