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    Sltx speeds up and slows down at same rpm

    As the title states, the 1050 will run 53mph then run 45mph and not lose rpms at all. I noticed if I let it drift to the right a little, it will pick the speed back up. My guesses are the sponsons are messing it up or the ride plate is doing it. Any thoughts? The sponsons were not perfectly straight before I stuck it in the water, but I didn't think much of it. Rpms hold steady around 6500.

    Thanks, Bill

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    I would check the sponsons, the ride plate, and make sure you pump wedge is pointing the nozzle up and not down.

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    Swapped out ride plates with the 780 and no luck. Forgot to mention that it cavitates easily running in tight circles. Maybe intake grate needs upgraded or new impeller? I took the sponsons off and they seem to be ok. I'm just baffled. I looked at the nozzle and don't see how it can be out of trim. Compared it with the 780 and it seems identical (both 96 slt, 1050 being a sltx). I really don't like to throw money at things until they resolve themselves but I'm stumped. Besides I'm throwing enough money at my sl800 cfi project LOL

    Thanks, Bill

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    Now that I figured out what the wedge is I can answer better. Wedge has nozzle pointing up. When the ski floats in the water, the sponsons seem to be even with each other in relation to the water. Could it be cavitating at 40ish mph?

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    Impeller condition? Bent or dinged, debris caught on the blades, clearance to the wear ring?

    Stator condition? Damaged?

    Intake grate stock? Condition?

    Does the jet pump 'cavitate' when you accelerate hard from idle?

    When it is running well, does it pull hard from mid-range speeds when you suddenly apply full throttle?

    Has the jet pump base ever been removed from the hull?

    Has the ride plate ever been removed? If so, was it properly sealed when reinstalled?

    How well does the extension ring section 'seal' into the jet pump base?

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    Ride plate & intake grate on these skis need to be sealed well or you will get cavatation, especially on take off, check reverse bucket to make sure its not bouncing in the jet stream, worn bushings or reverse lever not locking could cause this.

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    Update. Reverse gate was way to loose. Tightened it up and problem solved. Thanks for the help guys.


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