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    02 GTX rubbing noise

    Hey all,

    I have recently had a rubbing noise crop up that I believe is coming from the propulsion system. I only get the noise when turning at at least half steering angle or more. I just cant figure out what is rubbing and why.

    As a bit of background I had the bearings in the pump seize and ended up replacing all the bearings and seals and also put a new solas prop in at the same time, wear ring had been replaced about 2hrs prior. On changing the prop I noticed that the factory one was pretty sloppy in the pump housing (was very easy to install remove due to the gap between itself and the wear ring). The new solas prop had to be aligned perfectly to drop in the housing and spun freely by hand. In the water has much better performance but as stated this rubbing noise occurs when turning tight and on a bit of power (pretty much anything over idle can cause it)

    Thanks in advance for any advice I look forward to hearing suggestions.

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    A metallic sound?
    Sandpaper against wood sound?
    Put a bit of lube on the moving components on the pump, like steering pivots.
    Good luck!

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    Not metallic or sandpaper on wood, would call it more of a rubber or plastic type rubbing noise. Ill try the lubrication.

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