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    2003 virage rebuild and sl750 carb issues-all in one

    ok gents, I finally threw a connecting rod on the virage...lower bearings went south....260 hrs..guess it was I just ordered a rebuild motor from SBT...745.00 with a core exchange. Hopefully this works out. I was told by the Polaris tech at SBT (tom) that it is a fairly easy swap out....he also told me to slide the motor forward and not have to take apart the impeller shaft...but, my question is this...the motor mount bolts sit up high..and I cant seem to get the motor plate above em to slide the motor forward..without a bit of pressure being put on the shaft...your thoughts?
    oh, and my doesnt idle well....any ideas on how to synch the carbs at home without a carb synch tool????

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    you will want to pull the pump and shaft any way so you can check for motor alignment.

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    Removing the jet pump is straightforward. If it is corroded in place then it is probably time for a jet pump inspection and spline greasing anyways.

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