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    SUV starter

    Took my SUV out last weekend and ran for 7 hours total with no real big problems except for crank times were different each time. The ski would fire up instantly sometimes and turn over slowly other times. I thought it was the battery because it was dead the week before and when I went to charge the battery it had no water in it, so I filled the cells with distiller water and charged for about 8 hours. When I got home I decided to check the compression because I have only had the ski for 1 month and the readings were around 100 psi with all 3 cylinder being equal on a 280 hour engine. When I went to check cylinder 1 (Mag side) the compression had risen to ~103 psi and when I got to cylinder 2 (middle) the starter solenoid went click click click. I checked the battery voltage and it was reading 12.5 volts. I took the a screwdriver and tapped the side of the starter and it turned over and the reading was ~103 psi in that cylinder. Cylinder three was the same, starter would not turn over, tapped the starter and and the cylinder turns over and the reading was again ~103 psi. So I am thinking the rings may have been stuck after setting all winter and running 7 hours could have freed them up to get a higher reading. The ski ran good and I was able to hit 50 mph with the impeller clearance around the 0.60mm limit and. 103 psi in all cylinders.

    Back to the starter, I took the starter off yesterday and after being a cirque du soelil contortionist for about 45 mins I turned by hand and the bearings were shot. Spinning the starter shaft felt really rough. So, I took it apart and the armature would not come out of the housing because of all the rust buildup and the brush holder was rusted in the back cap. The brush holder leads broke and I had to use a hammer to get tap the armature out of the center section. The metal that lines the center section had started rusting off and I poured about a 1/4 of a cup of rust out of each end cap. On top of that 1/2 of the brushes were stuck. I am surprised the starter turned over at all.

    My questin is is there any aftermarket starters that are good or ones to avoid that you guys have had experience with yourselves?

    Aqua torque

    H2O powersports

    I have found a Yamaha for $308 plus shipping. This is very expensive considering I paid $1500 for the jet ski and trailer.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    2000 Yamaha Suv

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    Check with SBT

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    First off you checked compression after running the ski awhile, which is preffered and gives you a more accurate reading.
    Secondly I would look for a good used OEM starter on here, from someone who is parting a ski out. The starter from a GPR XLT, or any of the two stroke Yamaha skis will work, they are all the same.
    The corrosion is what took your starter out, these usually out last the ski.

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    you can get a new starrter on ebay for $50. Did i mention free shipping?

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