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    2001 SUV possible plugged hose by bugs

    The hose that connects to the side of the nozzle seems to have had a bug stuffing leaves in it. I pulled it off the nipple on the hull and blew it out, It looked like confetti flying out. So now I am worried that the bug made it further up that pipe inside the ski. What is that hoses' purpose? I tried to blow air up into it and it seemed plugged or blocked.
    Can you tell me if I need to worrie about this hose being plugged? It is only held on by zip ties.
    Thanks in advanced!!!

    Here is a pic of the hose I am concerned with, hose # 34:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If the valve is working wright you can't blow air in it. The jet drive creates suction on that line to pull out water. You can disconnect it from the valve and blow through it. Look inside the hull for a line witw a clastic elbo fitting zip tied to the upper side of the hull compartment.

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    That line is the siphon bilge line, it does not go to the motor there is a small plastic box that mounts under the intermediate shaft that picks up water and goes through a one way check valve and out the tube that was plugged. be sure everything is intact and working like mudslanger said you shouldn't be able to blow air backwards through it.

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