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    Lanyard of choice ?

    So what is everyone's lanyard of choice?

    I just tried the stock Yamaha the last time out and seems to like it with my FZS. I have used a few different one's over they years. Didn't mind the vest clip on much either. Did not like the WPS Floating Basic Wrist Lanyard, seems too bulky on the wrist and not a good fit unless too tight.

    How is the Atlantis Pro Floating Wrist Strap ? Think I might try it too.

    Stock replacement price is high just looking for other options and opinions.

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    I'm a fan of the Yamaha wrist floater. It's more of a "noose" type design than a cinched "U". I really like it. Barely notice it on me. I like it better than the red ones that loop on my vest.

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    I like the Yamaha pro lanyard. In the summer I wear it on my wrist. Winter I clip it to my bib. Can't beat it

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    I have a red one with a flat maybe 1.5" wide wrist strap and a Yamaha one I bought from the dealer, made out of blue foam that goes around your wrist. I like the Yamaha one better, don't even notice I have it on when riding.

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