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    FX HO Stage 1 Question

    I have a 05 fx ho with everything in the Riva/R&D stage 1 but the free flow exhaust. I have installed the ride plate, intake grate, pump seal kit, velocity kits, air filter, and solas prop 14/20...everything but the free flow exhaust.

    Here is the problem. The acceleration is more responsive and way better from a dead start. However, the top speed is still the same 58 MPH that is was before. I only have the factory tach and it seems to be at about 10,000 rpm or maybe even a 100 shy of 10,000. How much difference would the FF exhaust make? Is there one that is almost as quiet as the factory exhaust, but is free flowing? Are there potentially other problems limiting the top speed? I thought a stage 1 should do 60, was I mistaken?

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    You know thats odd, my 06 FX HO does 59.8 mph Gps stock. I would hope by adding all the stuff you have i would get close to 64 or 65. Have you changed the plugs lately? When my top speed seems to slow a few mph's i change the plugs and get right back to 59.8 .

    You can make the free flow exhuast out of two pieces of pvc pipe. It cost about $5.00 and only take about 15 mins to install. This would least give you some idea how load it would be and it you see any improvments. I made the same thing out of white pvc from homedepot, it doesnt get very hot so i wouldn't worry about it melting.

    Look at this link

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    Thanks for the exhaust idea. How loud is it? I don't want a drone or excessive noise. The plugs are brand new.

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    It louder but nothing crazy, just try it out and if you dont like it put the back to stock. Only cost about 5 bucks to try. It's really weird that your top speed isn't breaking 60 mph, it might not be a bad idea to check the wear ring clearance. Let me know if you try the exhaust and see any improvements, I've been wanting to upgrade some stuff with mine but don't know if i will feel it is worth the money.

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    I am going to try the exhaust. I am very pleased with the acceleration and throttle response. It is much better than before. It also stays hooked up better in rough water. I just replaced the prop and the clearances were fine. My son floated the idea that it was wind against tide. One way was into a 15kt wind and the other way was against a pretty strong tide. We will see next trip. I was expecting more for sure.

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