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    Starter Yoke assembly- can I take one of these from an aftermarket starter?

    So the starter yoke assembly broke on my starter (97 SPX 800). One of the magnets broke in half and came off completely. This part alone is $70 new from seadoo - not paying that for just a yoke assembly.

    I know that supposedly the stock OEM starters are way better than the $60 aftermarket starters all over ebay, etc, but my question is, if I bought a $60 aftermarket starter made to replace my starter, could I just pull the Yoke assembly off that starter and put it back on my stock starter and have an overall 'better' starter than just using the aftermarket one?

    Anyone have any advice?

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    Doubtfull at best. You can get a good used oem starter off of ebay for around $100.

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    That's looking like the best option. Found a 97 XP 800 starter for $65 shipped used but working. Worst case is if it fails I can just pull the yoke assembly off and put it on my other starter. Between the two I'm sure I can keep them working for awhile

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