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Thread: 03 msx 140

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    03 msx 140

    Can I change the starter without removing the front motor cover and flywheel? I have the exhaust off and the starter bolts out but it just doesn't seem to want to back out...

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    They stick in there pretty good. Oring sealed. Not sure how you will make sure Bendix is in good shape without inspection. You should be able to get front cover off. No need to pull flywheel. Last 2 I did I had the motor out for other reasons. Maybe someone can chime in here. But I would take off cover just to check things out. Those Bendix and Flywheels don't play so well together on these machines.

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    It is hard to get at the flywheel cover with the engine installed in an MSX hull.

    I am pulling my MSX 140 flywheel and there was no way I could work down on the front of that engine without an extra wrist, eyeballs on stalks and plenty of blue words.

    Once the bolts are out of the starter you _can_ take it out but it is usually _really_ stuck in the hole. It can take a lot of force to break the stiction and make it slide rearwards.

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