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    2011 RXT-260-X Motor hesitation, rough idle...

    I have 2 Rxt-260..One of them runs fantastic, the other seems to be a bit off in comparison.

    The one that doesnt run as well seems to be a bit lower on torque out of the hole. I also get some engine rpm hesitation when building up speed esp if ive been sitting idle for a while. Once it builds up it seems to smooth out. Im running at about 7300-7600 rpms and my top speed feels pretty good, it just doesnt have as much Umph as the other one. It also seems to idle a bit rough compared to the other..

    I just changed the spark plugs and they had a kinda greenish corrosion on them. I have fresh gas in it now (previous tank was 6mo old).. I also just got them back from the 10hour service. It had thrown a low-oil pressure light and I was told it seems the oil filter had imploded for some reason. They said it could be caused if coolant or water gets in the engine.. Im wondering if this could be some of the symptons that perhaps i have a small leak inside or some left over even after the fresh oil change..

    I also just had the Timing Chain replaced as a recall.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Sounds like the timing was not set properly when you got the chain replaced, my 2010 was pulling 8060 on top end stock.
    If you have some mechanical ability, check the compression, if it's around 140 you can rule that out.

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    We had a similar scenario on a 2011 rxtx. Before the ski was purchased, the timing chain recall was performed. After countless hours/days of trying to figure it out, we decided to check timing. We locked the crank to find the cam gear off by a tooth or 2. I was baffled and called
    Rab1. He shot over and confirmed the timing was off. He corrected the issue and now the ski is hauling ass with the 8350 Vtech tune!! I can almost guarantee this is your issue

    See the pic of the cam gear. Bad pic but the hash marks are clear

    Click image for larger version. 

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