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    Updating Cooling pipe on my '04 15F... old pipe is stuck!

    Hey fellas. While I'm wrenching on my 15F (no start at the moment), I figured I'd go ahead and finally swap the cooling pipe to the updated version.
    In case you guys aren't aware... the old part is all aluminum, and seems to get corroded pretty bad from the inside (esp around the hose fitting)... to the point it actually clogs up.
    Some people whose ski's overheated when idling, may have this issue. Another indicator is the side pisser doesnt spray water, in fact, some people say they've seen
    steam come out. When on the throttle, the ski may actually get more cooling water flow... but this should help w/ slow, idling conditions.

    Anyway, the updated part simply has a brass barbed fitting screwed into the coolant pipe. I guess that setup is less prone to corrosion.

    As for my ski, it's an '04 15F w/ 28 hrs on it. More than half of it was in the ocean, but always run through w/ Salt Terminator after every run...
    and my side pisser always squirted warm water, so I know I didn't have any issues... but I picked up the updated parts as preventative measure.

    The rubber hose that runs out the side of the coolant log, runs to the rear, and to the bottom fitting of the primary muffler (waterbox).
    After installing the R&D hi-flow exhaust setup, this rubber hose was rerouted and exits out the back of the ski instead of into the muffler.

    my notes:
    -If you look at the hose, strangely, it's bulged pretty bad just after the coolant pipe fitting. I'll be cutting that section off and use a clean section of rubber hose.
    -Upon removal of the rubber hose, a lot of white ash spilled out (corrosion). I was pretty suprised, and the hole of the nipple was definitely getting clogged. Mine was about
    30% blocked. This seems like a ticking time bomb.
    -Now the problem... The old coolant pipe is stuck!! Fiddling w/ the hose fitting end easily shattered it. Now I have a stuck coolant pipe, and since the motor is still in the ski,
    it' seems pretty darn hard to get any good grip or leverage to pull it. let alone, if the old pipe's tubes break off insde the head, I'm screwed.

    I know some of you have done this swap... any good tips or ideas how to remove the old pipe w/o pulling the engine, or head?

    1) The offending ski. can't wait to fix her and ride again...
    2) The updated oem parts. Brass fitting, aluminum pipe, and 2 O-rings, intake manifold gasket
    3) Can you see the part? The hose and pipe is visible under the #3 intake port (intake manifold removed)
    4) The bulge in the hose is visible at the fitting.
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    Here's a few pics of the hose and pipe fitting...

    Check out the corosion on the coolant pipe's fitting where the hose attaches... (photo 3)

    ... Now how can I remove the old pipe w/o breaking anything??
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    Alright! got it off~

    I've been spraying penetrating oil each say for 2-3 days... and let it soak.

    Then used some copper wire wrapped around the end of a long breaker bar (and a pipe on top of that for even more leverage).
    Put a long piece of delrin over the intake ports to protect the head, and also have a good leverage point.

    The coolant pipe came off, but one of the tubes broke off just at the O-ring~
    An extractor bit worked perfect to get it out.
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    Nice writeup, it's good you were able to get it out without really breaking it up, I was not so lucky. Make sure you vacuum out the holes well before putting it back in, I also put some marine grease on the new o rings and pipe.


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    Ahh... Marine grease would be a good idea. I used Hylomar. Hopefully it's a done deal.

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