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    06 Kawasaki 15f just shuts off at around 40 mph Help please!

    My 06 15f runs great until it gets to 40 mph or higher it just shuts off and then hit the start button and turns right back on. My fuel light keeps blinking even with more then a half tank of gas, does anyone know what that's all about? Thanks frank

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    I am not sure about the shutting off at 40mph, but these skis the low fuel starts flashing at 1/2 tank instead of 1/4 which would make more sense, I am trying to find a way to remedy this myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RLACEMAN View Post
    I am trying to find a way to remedy this myself.
    There is no way around it on this "floats on rod" type fluid level sensors.
    If there was a way, people would have done it in last 15 years (basically same type used on ZXi).

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