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    OK Let Go Over This One More Time !!!!!!!

    Rebuilding my SC this winter. New clutch kit. Jerry's metal washers. New ceramic bearings. Riva Impeller. I would hope these mods will last over 100 hours. Its a bit on the wallet. If you know what I mean. But it beats tearing a motor down digging pieces of clutch out of my motor amoung other things to replace too. If this has to be done every 100 hours THAT SUCKS I would hope it lasts longer than that. So my question is how long should all this stuff last ??????????

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    the cermanic bearings will out last the metal ones 5-1 it hard 2 say on the metal washers if they start 2 slip try a spacer if that dont work new spring washers or then some, the life of the clutches depends on how u ride but they r worth the money and not that hard 2 put in or expensive 2 replace my stock bearings had 80 hrs on them & i had s/c touchdown the metal washers were ok but my spring washers were woren slippage was at 6 lbs like i said depends on how u ride & the r's u turn my guess 300-500 hrs maybe then some maybe less

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    Hey Dr Lennystein if you need help with the rebuild im glad to help I have all the necessary tools and know how.

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    Thanks Guys for your input. Howard VMan and I bought the tools too. Thanks for offering

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    Hey Dr LEn ... I persoanlly dont think that you can put a time limit on stuff like that what you mat get the guy next door may get 1/2 the amount or 2 times the amount , However having said that you are going down the rite path to make your unit as strong as possible ... I have 100 hours on my ski and have rebuilt the clutch 3 times ...

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