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    No water coming out when flushing!

    So I took my ski out for a ride yesterday, it's a 2004 GTX Wake with the 155hp 4 Tec engine. When I got home and started to flush it, I noticed that there is no water coming out of the large hole on the starboard side like it normally does. I have no idea why and worried that the exhaust system didn't get properly flushed with fresh water. I did this 4 times and every time no water came out. Most of the water seems to be coming back out the pipe where you put the hose in. Could there be a blockage? Thanks and hope you guys can help me out here.

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    No comments guys?

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    Which hole are you talking about. Post some pictures

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    Coming back out of the pipe you put the hose in???

    You are screwing the hose into the hose fitting, right?

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    On the older models, does the flush system just screw into the back the hull like the new ones using a quick connect that attaches to your garden hose? If so, make sure the quick connect is going together properly. I went to flush mine after riding this past weekend and no water was coming out the ski. I was thinking "wtf?" For some reason the quick connect is very cheaply made and pretty picky about how it's connected to get water to flow threw it.

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    No water comes from the hole in the starboard. They are vent tubes.

    Water comes from the stern via the exhaust outlet. When you give it a few bursts with the throttle you will see it flow out. It can look like the water is comming from the hose connection as it is close

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