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    Polaris sl750 top end

    Hi all im new here just bought a 95 sl750 runs and drives great but while doing a tune up i decided to do a compression test since i do one every time i tune up my banshee,blaster,or kdx.

    Heres what i found 120 psi in 2 cylinders and 95 in the one closest to the rear on the pwc.

    Im assuming ill have to rebuild soon due to this?

    I looked into a rebuild kit and see theyre not too pricey but my biggest concern is can a rebuild of the top end be done with out removing the engine?

    Like i said this thing runs like a champ!Starts easy idles the whole 9 yds.Just got a low reading in that one cylinder what should i do?

    On my atvs and dirt bikes when i see them low i throw a topend in it and all is well but theyre much easier to acess than this thing.

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    It can easily be done inside the hull.

    I'd suggest doing it sooner than later since the fuel pump works off the compression from the PTO cylinder (back one)

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    we have all needed parts here in stock for you...

    pistons, rings, gaskets, fuel system upgrade parts, etc.

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