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    why didn't my GTX Ltd 215 shut off when I flipped it upside down??

    Just got to thinking--when I flipped my jet ski over upside down in the water last week, why didn't it shut off automatically? I had to actually pull the key out myself (I was so close to the ski it never pulled the lanyard). I thought these things were supposed to shut off on their own?

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    I don't think they do. I had my 2007 RXP running upside down before after flipping it. Had to pull the dess key to turn it off myself.

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    Then what's this "TOPS" system they advertise?

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    ''Tip Over Protection'' It's a valve on the head that when the craft gets fliped it close to prevent oil spills or excess oil on the cyl head. Haven't hear about auto shut down either but could be a good suggestion like an angle sensor . Most motorcycles have them on the front so that way when fell they shut down so the rider doesn't get hurt.

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