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    2002 Genesis i died and won't start - suggestions for troubleshooting?

    I have a new-to-me 2002 Genesis i. Riding around the lake for an hour or so Saturday (first ride for me) and it died. When I tried to restart it, it turned over slow then squeeled. I thought possibly low battery voltage as I've read some other posts about these skis being finicky to battery voltage. I tried to restart it 6 or 8 more times letting it set a few minutes between tries. Twice it fired and ran for a few seconds before it died. Twice more it turned over slow then squeeled.

    After towing back to the dock, I removed the battery and topped off the charge. It didn't draw much amperage off the charger but it did draw some. When I re-installed it, the Genesis would once again turn over and fire but only run for a few seconds before it died.

    Next I switched batteries and used the AGM battery from my 99 SLTX - after topping off the charge to make sure it was full. The Genesis i now turns over well but does not fire at all. For grins I installed the old lead-acid Genesis battery in my SLTX and it ran that ski just fine but that is a carburated machine so probably not a good diagnostic tool.


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    If there is a significant difference in cranking speed between batteries then one of the batteries is weak and should not be used. Or something mechanical is causing a drag on the engine while cranking.

    A weak battery would not stop the engine while riding, so focus on why it initially stopped while riding.

    Did you notice a red warning light or Message on the MFI display? If there was or are any display messages, what are they?

    A squeal sound suggests a mechanical problem. I suggest you remove and inspect the jet pump and drive shaft for problems such as a seized bearing.

    If the jet pump is in good condition, leave it off while you confirm engine compression and proper cranking.

    Refer to my signature links for some diagnostics. Check the fuel pressure, the injector voltage, and the EMM trouble codes.

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