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    brown oily goo in bilge

    The title says what it is, but where is it coming from? It is tan in color, not like the 2 cylcle oil at all. It is from a 1999 gtx limited with the 951? motor. I did overfill the oil resivore a lite but that was just on the outside of the ski I thought. Is there a crankcase of some type that has oil in it? Also is this a chipped ski for the key? And when I go to start it, I have to play with the start stop switch to engage the starter. Is this easy replascement thing? Is it this little switch? thanks for all the awnsers. Bob

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    Welcome to Greenhulk!. Brown oily goo in bilge = normal Sea Doo!

    There are two places where oil is used on that ski, from the injection tank and system, and the center counterbalancer drive cavity of the engine. The CB cavity only has a few ounces of brown oil, and rarely leaks it outside the engine, so I doubt that is your source. Regular Sea Doo brand 2-stroke oil is brown, so that is probably what you see (someone used the "right" oil for this ski!)

    Most (all?) of the 2-piece oil tanks from that vintage ski leak at the seams, that is probably where you are getting the oil. And a lot leak at the outlet grommet at the bottom of the tank. Then you have leaks from the injection lines too. Lots of opportunity for leaks on that model, and I would be more surprised if someone said that they DIDN'T have oil in their bilge.

    About the key, if you mean that the key has a chip in it that matches the program in the MPEM, then the answer is yes.

    I had a 1999 GTX LTD years ago. The starter button was really iffy on it. It was better when I replaced the red button plastic, which is only a $3 part and needs replaced every couple of years.
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    fill the hull up with some water.. throw some laundry detergent in it.. hook it up to what ver you tow it with.. drive it around for 45 min...
    drain the water rinse and repeat if needed.. should clean it all out

    and it will smell nice

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