Hey guys i picked up a 750 zxi this weekend for 150 bucks. The motor was rebuilt a year and a half ago and when the guy was riding it he said he stoped to talk to some one and when he went to go start it back up he had no power. Ok so here is what i have done so far. I have installed a new battery and i have power to the e-box. I have also checked power to the start switch and i have power to it and when i hit the button power comes out of the switch as well. all the fuses are good. when i was checking all of this i accidently jumped where the two positative wires come out of the e-box and the ski cranked over and with my spark testers inline on the plugs both cylinders were firing. I am stumped on this electrical and i cant find a diagram any where for one of these machines. Does any one have any thing they can throw at me to check to see if i can get this thing running?