Since I have learned it is still getting used and people are still melting their #1 piston this needs to be addressed. Anyone trying to save the under $200 getting the SCOM and taking the cheap route by using the washers on your speedo wheel will eventually destroy your engine. If you want to bypass the limiter go into the online store and get one of the available bypass modules. Use the coupon code greenhulk and get 10% off even. PLEASE don't use the washers. If you can't afford the module leave your ski alone.

I do have to add that I am not saying the SCOM is a definately safe mod. You are increasing Rpms which in turn ups boost. Any time on any ski if you do that you are taking the chance of damaging your ski and voiding your warranty if that part is directly related to your failure. I just don't want to hear but G. L. You said it was safe. What I say is any time you make a decision to mod your ski in any way know that there may be consequences. Kawasaki gave us a good and tested product. When we alter it in any way it is not that same product.

For all of you Rec riders out there remember this is a performance forum and quite a few of us are racers. We are very willing to take chances for that little gain. We know that every time we race we quite possibly will blow up out ski. That is the nature of he sport and no ski is safe from that. What I do to my ski is not at all what I would do to a 300 I was strictly cruising around the lake. Know what you are doing to your skis before you do it. I am talking about EVERY modification. Know your risk and the consequenses of those modifications. They all have their good points and they all make a sacrifice of something to make a gain in another way. We have very few modifications that we need to do to our skis to make them faster and more competative. Just know the good and the bad of each. The ski is producing 200 HP per litre already. I am not talking about everyone leaving their ski stock. I have a shop full of parts myself. What I am saying is research it fully so we don't have another "my Kawasaki is junk" when it was not at all a Kawasaki failure. Granted we and Kawasaki want to know about all issues with their product. Even something as simple as the SCOM was not intended to be on the ski when the Engineers and QC decided that they had the product they wanted to put on the market.