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    Fully admit I am an idiot but how do I.....

    96 Polaris SLTX. Thanks to everyone on here, we bought it, a dock ramp launcher and a trailer for a flat thousand dollars, and it runs like a dream. Us two old foggies are loving it. Big thanks to all those who put together all the information located on this site. Really appreciate it.

    Now, question, we are pulling a tube....but for the life of me, I can not figure out how the rope is supposed to tie into the back of the Jet Ski.... It is a metal circular piece with a center kind of hook thing on the Polaris. The tow rope has the loop, and if I hook the tow rope to the hook thing it just comes loose if there is no tension. I know this has got to be something clever and I am just not seeing it.


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    Loop it twice.

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    Ah, thanks for the pic..... I just printed it.

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